Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feed The Natural Horse Dewormer to my weanling or yearling?
Yes, The Natural Horse Dewormer is dosed according
to weight. Younger horses may carry a heavy parasite
burden, so make sure to follow the feeding instructions
chart on the label. Always separate each horse so
they get their full treatment. It is very important not
to exceed the recommended dosages for each horse.
Rather, give recommended dose longer than more then
recommended per administration.

How often should I retreat?
For optimal results, retreat every 2 to 3 months during
the warm months (April – October) and once or twice
during the colder months (November – March). The
Natural Horse Dewormer is also safe to be used as a daily

My mare is pregnant. Can I treat her?
Yes, being as it is not a chemical class dewormer, but a
natural dewormer it doesn’t harm the body.

Will my nursing foal benefit from treatment?
Yes, you may treat the mare with The Natural Horse
Dewormer. We have had testimonies where sucklings
passed parasites while the mom was being treated. Make
sure both are in healthy condition. It is very important to
keep a close eye on them during treatment. Be sure that
they have continual access to plenty of fresh water.

When should I see results from treatment?
On the third or fourth day of treatment, if your horse is
caring a heavy parasite burden, you may see evidence of
these parasites leaving your horse by their appearance in
the manure. If you are looking for outward body condition
changes, please note every horse deals with parasites and
healing from their damage at different rates of recovery.
The best help you can offer is to follow treatment with
our Ultimate Performance as it is designed to improve
the gut health.

How does The Natural Horse Dewormer work?
The Natural Horse Dewormer works mechanically, not
chemically, to microscopically abrade the outer coating
of parasites, causing dehydration, or loss of body fluid,
which is fatal. With charcoals it also cleanses the body,
with helping getting rid of harmful substances such as
heavy metals, e. coli, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Will parasites become resistant to this product?
Because it’s not a chemical, but a natural way of
deworming, parasites don’t build up an immunity.

How long were you using and developing The Natural Horse Dewormer?
20+ years.

What testing have you done with The Natural Horse Dewormer?
We have done many fecal tests on horses across the
country, dealing with all types of parasites. With many
very pleasing results. We have also had many testimonies
from a lot of random users, including parasite pictures, as
well as ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures.

Is The Natural Horse Dewormer safe for use in other animals?
This specific blend is designed for horses, mini to draft,
donkeys and mules, from 125 lbs to over 1200 lbs. If your
horse is smaller than 125 lbs, we do not recommend using
this blend. If your horse is 1500 lbs, we recommend calling
to get the best dosing instructions for your specific
needs. For other animals, we recommend using the Small
Livestock Dewormer and the Dog Dewormer.
Disclaimer: Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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