About Us

At Atlas Horsepower Solutions LLC we set out to create all natural horse health products and and we are happy to say, we have succeeded! We use our products every day and thousands of our customers do as well, and the feedback we have received is amazing. Give our products a try and if you’re not satisfied we will do our best to make you happy.

Our Mission is to bring products to the market that are drug-free, healthy for the horse, and environmentally friendly.

~Billy Mullet Jr., Owner~

Keep your horse healthy!


Atlas Horsepower Solutions all-natural products keep your horse happy and healthy year ’round.

My name is Jonathan Miller and in 2015, I started my equine business featuring the All Star Equine Hoof pads. During this time, I became familiar with the Natural Equine Dewormer made by Mr. Billy Mullet. Being involved from the start, I was able to share my contacts from Harness and Farrier shops to help grow our business. We sent those contacts some samples of our Natural Horse Dewormer and it was an immediate hit. During the beginning and thru current day, we have received a lot of positive feedback and our customer base remains loyal and growing! In 2021, I sold my Hoof Pad part of the business to Atlas HorsePower Solutions. I continue to be an essential part of Atlas as an Inside Sales role as well as making sure all the orders ship out on time. I am looking forward to the future of Atlas and continuing to serve our valued customers, both new and established. Talk soon!

~Jonathan Miller~

We are located in Garretsville, Ohio.